Completed, Current Cosplays:

Carly Witwicky - Transfromers Animated

Category: cartoons

First worn: TFCon 2013

What was made: pants, vest, shirt & shoes

Hours it took to construct: 20 - 40 hours

Materials: cotton, interfacing, & fabric paint

Items gathered: belt, wig (from ebay) & headband

As a Transformers fan, I find that this fandom is a HARD fandom to cosplay from. I don't know how to do any rigs, so I immediately decided upon cosplaying Carly Witwicky. She does not have many costumes in the history of Transformers, so I thought it would be fun to do one from Animated since she was in it for a mere three minutes. I tell ya though, it was hard to figure out how to construct this costume because of the lack of references.

Turanga Leela - Futurama

Category: cartoons

First worn: Colossalcon 2013

What was made: Leela's arm band.

Materials: craft foam, paint & hot glue.

Items gathered: gun, tank top, leggings, wig (from ebay) & boots

Once I had found out that Billy West was being a guest at Colossalcon 2013, I knew instantly that I had to finish Leela for sure. Yes, she isn't a 100% finished. I will still like to figure out how to do something about her eye. I also have to find either a new wig or style this one some how to be more like hers. Leela is one character that holds a special place in my heart and I was happy that I got a chance to meet Billy West in her. I was such a fangirl when I got to meet her.

Photo by: elleontheradio

Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls

Category: cartoons

First worn: Tekkoshocon 2013

What was made: skirt

Materials: cotton

Items gathered: headband, wig (Arda-Wigs), & shoes

I had been looking to cosplay Mabel since the moment I had seen Gravity Falls. I did not know what to do about Mabel's sweaters. There were so many ideas on how to go about it, but I wanted it to be true to knitting. I had found playswithstring on, who kindly was awesome enough to commission this sweater for me!

It came out as perfectly as I imagine. I can't wait to commission another sweater from her in the near future!

Meg Griffin - Family Guy

Category: cartoons

First worn: Animarathon 2013

What was made: n/a


Items gathered: hat, glasses, & t-shirts

I had always loved the older episodes of Family Guy. I wanted an easier cosplay to wear in artist alley, so I ended up choosing Meg. (I still want to try and convince my boyfriend to cosplay as Neil.) Meg doesn't get a whole lot of love in the series or cosplay world, so she was the perfect cosplay for me. The biggest thing I hate about this cosplay though is how many times I get told "Shut, up, Meg!" Though, it's still all in good fun. The costume got excellent reactions than I expected. I hope to bring her out more at future conventions.