About Me

This webpage is solely dedicated to the art and craft of my cosplays. For those that may not know what cosplay is, the term originated from the play-on words, costume + play. This hobby had started for me back in the early days of my convention years, 2002. I had mostly attended anime conventions from 2002 - 2011. I had realized if I wanted to start cosplaying more, I would either have to find someone who sew or learn to sew. Many of the costumes that I had bought online weren't pleasing to my eyes, so this was the only option for me. My mother wasn't a very patient woman, so I ended up learning how to sew on my own in 2006. In my mind, that's when I truly started to cosplay. 

After 2006, I had began to truly develop the taste to what cosplaying was really about. I love paying attention to any and all detail. I try to challenge my self with each cosplay, making my self learn new things and have fun at the same time. Of course, with each new cosplay, there is always new challenges. It's one of the fun things to overcome with cosplay. I had eventually blossomed into the seamstress that I am today. 

I had won two masquerade competitions thus far. I had won best-in-show at Shinbokucon 2011 for my Black (trainer) from Pokemon cosplay. My second was an honorable mention at Animarathon 2012 for my Red (trainer) from Pokemon cosplay. I don't compete a whole lot these days since you can usually find me selling in artist alley. It is always hard to sneak away from the table for long periods of time.

In 2011, I started to branch out into new and different type of conventions. Primarily, comic cons and Transformers conventions. I hope to start cosplaying more characters from some of my favorite Western based comics, movies and shows. I'm not too much into anime these days, but I still attend a few anime cons around the Midwest to sell my crafts in artist alley. 

I do have a lot of fun and exciting upcoming costumes planned for the future, so please stay tuned! I will try my best to keep this website updated with news about what conventions I am going to, what cosplays I plan on cosplaying and so forth.